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It is our intention, to secure the necessary reading, writing and linguistic skills to become enthusiastic and independent learners. We strive to ensure all our children receive a sequential learning experience, which will equip them with the essential tools to achieve at Widney Junior School and beyond. It is our intention to immerse children in the wonders of quality texts, to ensure all children can read and foster a love for reading, a passion for discovery and the confidence to explore the world.

English underpins the work undertaken in all other areas of the curriculum and is essential for educational and social progress. Through reading a wide range of quality texts and having meaningful discussions, we aim to create valuable, contributing members of society. Our vision is to ensure that every child achieves their full potential in all aspects of English to become confident readers, writers and communicators.


Widney recognises the importance of phonics in enabling children to become confident readers. All children are assessed on their phonics knowledge when they start at Widney. The school use the phonics programme Read, Write, Inc to support those children who have gaps in their phonics knowledge and these children receive daily intervention.


English Policy

Reading Policy

English overview

Long term overview ALL YEARS

English Knowledge Organisers

Year 3

Year 3 English – Fiction

Year 3 English – Non-Fiction

Year 3 English – Poetry

Year 4

Year 4 English – Fiction

Year 4 English – Non-Fiction

Year 4 English – Poetry

Year 5

Year 5 – English – Fiction

Year 5 - English - Non Fiction

Year 5 English – Poetry

Year 6

Year 6 - English - Fiction

Year 6 - English - Non Fiction

Year 6 - English - Poetry

English Progression Documents

Reading Skills Progression Map

Writing Skills Progression Map

Widney – Grammar and Punctuation Progression Map

Class Reads

We allocate time in our timetable for teachers to read to their class each week. The texts have been carefully selected so they include a range of fiction and non-fiction, stories from different cultures and characters that have different experiences and perspectives to the pupils in the class. The list is reviewed and updated annually.

Here is an overview of the class reads

Overview of Class Reads 2023-24

Recommended Reads

Recommended reads for Year 3

Recommended reads for Year 4

Recommended reads for Year 5

Recommended reads for Year 6

Special events to promote the love of reading

Book Fairs

Author Visits: Joseph Coelho

Virtual Author Visits: Michael Morpurgo

Reading at Widney

Our Vending Machine


Our Reading Bus

Reading bus


Parents' Reading Workshop Powerpoint

Reading Workshop 2023


 Reading Diary Example

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