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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium 2022-2023

About the Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is allocated to schools for children of statutory school age who are known to be eligible for free school meals (FSM) or children who have been eligible in the last six years.  It is also for children who are or have been looked after by the local authority continuously for more than six months, and children whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces.

Pupil Premium at Widney Junior School

At Widney Junior School we have undertaken a whole school approach to support pupils who are eligible for pupil premium. We are aware of barriers to learning individual pupils may experience and we work hard to reduce, and where possible eliminate, these barriers.

We have high expectations for all pupils regardless of starting points and external influences. Our expectations are high for all pupils. We do not equate deprivation and challenge with low ability. Not all pupils who qualify for free school meals (FSM) are socially disadvantaged and not all socially disadvantaged pupils qualify, or are registered for FSM. We, therefore, focus on the needs and levels of progress of all pupils. In providing support, we will not socially isolate pupils. Therefore, it is likely that all groups receiving additional support will be a mix of FSM and non-FSM pupils.

All teaching and learning strategies are designed to meet the needs of individuals and groups. Additional support is integrated into the teaching and learning programme. Research, trialling and self-evaluation are used in order to allocate the funding to activities that are most likely to have an impact on achievement.

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