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Widney Junior School
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School Uniform

Our school badge reflects our house system and the beautiful trees that surround our school.

Pupils re-designed our school badge in 2015 and helped to select the burgundy colour.

Our supplier of branded items is Concept Schoolwear in Hall Green. Branded items can also be bought from Monkhouse, in Solihull or online at Brigade Parents Direct www.brigadeuniformdirect.uk.com We have indicated when an item is optional next to it.

The school holds a sale of second-hand branded uniform at the end of every summer term. Second-hand branded uniform is also be available to buy from the school office throughout the year, subject to availability.

 The following branded items which are required are:

  • Burgundy V-neck jumper or cardigan (with logo)
  • Burgundy and gold diagonal stripe clip-on tie (tie is an essential item of uniform, except with a summer dress)
  • Burgundy aertex PE t-shirt (with logo)

The following generic items can be brought from high-street retailers or supermarkets:

  • Charcoal grey trousers, skirt or pinafore dress (knee length)
  • White shirt - to fasten at the neck
  • Grey socks (knee-length) or grey tights (Winter)
  • Black shoes (no trainers)

Summer only – optional (Easter to October half-term):

  • Charcoal grey shorts or red check Summer dress
  • White ankle or knee-length socks – only to be worn with Summer dress

Clothing for P.E. & Games

Indoor P.E. kit:                                          

  • Burgundy aertex t-shirt (with logo) 
  • Black shorts 
  • Black pumps Trainers

 Outdoor P.E. kit:     

  • Burgundy aertex t-shirt (with logo)
  • Plain black sweatshirt & jogging bottoms
  • Trainers

Note: Trainers are not a substitute for pumps. Whilst ideal for outdoor games, they are not suitable for apparatus work indoors.

Swimming lessons (Year 3): Swimming costume / swim shorts.

All children with long hair should wear swimming caps.

For safety reasons all jewellery, including ear studs, must be removed and boys must wear normal swimming trunks, not 'Bermuda' shorts. Please put swim-wear and a towel in a named bag.

Outdoor wear:

Shower-proof coat


A wrist watch and plain silver or gold stud earrings are permitted. These need to be removed for PE lessons and swimming. Smart watches are not permitted.

In the interest of safety, all children with pierced ears must be responsible for safely removing earrings prior to PE lessons and swimming.


Hair bands / clips should be black or burgundy. No fancy / ornate hair accessories. Hair colourant, excessive use of hair gel and patterns shaved into hair are not acceptable. Religious headwear should be limbline with uniform colours.


Nail varnish, fake nails, fake tan and make-up are not permitted.


Special Note: If you wish your child to wear special items of clothing / jewellery for a particular religious reasons, you should contact the Headteacher. Individual requests will be dealt with respectfully and with regard to Health 7 Safety requirements.


Uniform Policy.pdf